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  • What are customized products?

    Customized goods refer to goods designed and manufactured specifically for a specific person or organization based on the customer's needs and ideas.

  • Can you provide reference objects for your design?

    Yes, we can help you design products and provide solutions based on the product samples you provide and your needs.

  • How many days does it usually take to design and make goods?

    Generally, it will take about 4 to 5 days for the first draft of the design after the product and process are determined. After the first draft is completed, it will be discussed whether it needs to be modified or sample confirmation can be carried out. After the sample is confirmed, the production time required will be different depending on the different processes and quantities of the product. , it is generally estimated that it will take 3 to 4 weeks to complete the transportation. The time will be calculated separately. After receiving the quantity of your goods, we will confirm the delivery date with you. We will try our best to meet your estimated time.

  • Can I design the product myself?

    Yes, generally design products require drawings (such as AI files, PDF files or 3D files). If it is a manuscript, please be as detailed as possible and explain your ideas to us! Our team will arrange design drawings for your confirmation based on the information you provide.

  • Where can I check the prices of items on the website?

    In order to provide you with the best price, we will quote based on your order volume and product complexity. You only need to click the [Get Personal Service] button on the website or contact us directly, and we will provide a detailed quote.

  • What cooperation experience do you have?

    We cooperate with a variety of different units. Here are the units we often cooperate with:

    Beverage shops, restaurants, banks, shareholders' meetings, schools, temples, government agencies, design companies, marketing companies, advertising companies, travel agencies, concerts, department stores, shopping malls, cram schools, educational institutions, societies

  • Is there a required order quantity for customized products?

    Customized products have an order quantity requirement! The order quantity is usually determined according to the complexity of the process and design. The general quantity is calculated according to 300 500 1,000 3,000 5,000 10,000. If you have other quantity requirements, you can also inform us!

  • How are general development fees charged?

    Generally, we will make a quotation based on your product. The quotation will include (1) product unit price (2) development costs. The development costs for different products and processes are different. If mold opening is required, it will be charged. There are related mold costs. Of course, the mold belongs to you. After the order is completed, you can leave the mold in our company for further use in the next order. We will also carefully keep your mold for you, or return the mold to you, but The relevant transportation costs are borne by you personally.

  • Can I change an order I've placed?

    If your item has not yet started production, you can contact us to change your order details. However, we may not be able to make changes if production of the item has already begun.

  • If we do proofing, can we provide samples to confirm the quality?

    Of course you can. After the sample is completed, we will provide the sample for your confirmation. After your confirmation, we will proceed with the production of bulk goods to ensure that the sample is consistent with the bulk product.

  • Can I still modify it after proofing?

    If the sample mold or sample is completed, if you want to modify the test, you will be charged again. The details will depend on the completion of the sample.

  • What types of customized products does Gowell provide?

    We provide many different types of customized gifts such as accessories or other gifts, including desktop and office supplies, travel necessities, food service related products, bags and other figurine ornaments, etc., all of which can be designed according to your needs. and production.

  • Can I put our company logo on customized gifts?

    Yes, we provide product customization services. We can print on the products according to your requirements or make the logo you need to add to your products.